Chuan Yue Xi Yuan 3000 Hou

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  1. Please can someone explain to be this storyline?

  2. love it!!! didn't expect to be so good

  3. I read the whole thing but it is raw :( plz make it english so i can understand even more

  4. This story is about a girl from year 2011 that time travelled to year 3011. In year 3011, machines with conscience have taken over some of the humans and some humans with special powers have appeared. All of them want world domination but the humans want their freedom. She is caught between this conflict and struggles to be with the one she loves.

    1. Hey thx i understand more about what happened in this its really exciting

  5. I am completely caught by this story, I love the characters and the story plot. It is the first time that both, romance and science fiction, would complement each other so well.
    Thanks for updating! :)

  6. i cant wait for the next chapters XD

  7. I love this manhua soooo much! Thank you for your hard work! ❤️

  8. This manhua is awesome I totally ship the main characters

  9. I love this manhua!!!!! its art is so good and beautiful and the story is so interesting. I can't stop thinking about it!! please update! I love this manhua so much! please do your best author-san I'm looking to your work

  10. This is the best manhua ever. I did not expect such a story line. The characters are very well developed and what I have seen on the raws it gets even better. I hope you guys can translate all the 180 chapters T.T I craving for all of them. I sot of get an idea by looking at the drawings but I need the dialogues.

  11. I love this manhua! Are you guys still on going the translation? Thanks for your hard work!!!

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  13. Thank you thank you so much for this beautiful manhua love it so much i hope you'll add more chapters i appreacite your work thank you so much for this😻

  14. I just started reading this today and it's already one of my favorites. The cliffhanger of Chapter 31 though. I wonder what he thought when he saw her. Thanks for the update!!💖

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  16. Thank u for ur hard work can't wit for the next chapter❤❤.....I really don't want sky to die...😭😭

  17. Thank you so much for the updates...Love you guys I'm a translator on silver leaf scans so I'm kinda busy doing stuff there. Thx so much for your hard work can't wait for your next update. :)