Tian Jiang Xian Shu Nan [COMPLETED]

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  1. I really loved this manhua *--*
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    You don't know how grateful I am <33

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    1. You can read all the manhua raws here: http://www.manhuatai.com/all.html just click the one you want to read by cover photo.

    2. Thank you very much! XD also, if there is anything i can help with i will i dont know chinese tho thank you again :3

    3. Thiên Giáng Hiền Thục Nam

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  14. Spoiler alert, chapter 115 is a spicy chapter! Looked at the raws of recent chapters and boy oh boy did I see something interesting! xD

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    2. www.manhuatai.com/tianjiangxianshunan/

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      Chapter 116.

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  19. Hello! Thanks for all the hard work. I tried translating some chapters using google translate nut the meanings really are hard to imterpret. So thank you very much! Can you also answer my question? I can't seem to understand the latest chapter. It was said that jia ao prevented chun quing from wearing the bangle when they were young. Why? Isn't it more safe for chin quing to wear it then? And when the arrangement was initially made, why did chunquing not immediately wear the bangle? I' confused with the concept and the logic. If you can enlighten me, it would be a great relief. Thanks!

    1. I maybe wrong but I think it says in the story somewhere that the girl didn't like the thought of him wearing it and then went on to do the ceremony for the bracelet. The bracelet is made from both of them.

    2. Hi. Thanks for replying. I've really thought of this issue a lot. Hehehe. So, meaning, jia ao assumed being his fiance because if he's engaged to someone else, he'll have to wear the bracelet?

    3. i think all the men in the Dong Nu Clan have to wear the bangle cause it is like a chastity belt to prove that the men is "pure" before they get married. JIa Ao don't want Chun Qing to "tie up" by this tradition so she "proposed" to Chun Qing and spared him from wearing the bangle.

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  30. Please, update this manga.. I'm dying to know what next.. My God..

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